About All My Paws

When my Mom was sick we adopted a dog from the shelter.
My sister  used to call her 'Devil Dog'!  In reality, Cleo was
just a dog that had been  abandoned at the shelter for
behavior problems.  She was very difficult at first and even
bit several of us.  Oh well ... it was never an option to return
her to the shelter as we knew she would be euthanized.  So,
we kept her and with a lot of  love and kindness she
turned into a wonderful dog!  

Cleo is the reason I became a dog trainer.  She is an
example of so many dogs that are left at the shelter
because of a variety of behavior issues ... failed potty
training, barking, separation anxiety and simple
issues such as walking on a leash.  

My mission is simple ...

Help pet parents solve behavior
issues before they become overwhelming
so their pet can stay in the home.

Help rescue dogs adjust to their new
families and surroundings.

My rates are affordable so you can
help your pet stay in your home!
Mac- rescued from the
Murphy - Golden
Retriever puppy.