All My Paws
Affordable Dog Training!
Love All The Paws In Your Life!
I started All My Paws in 2009 to help you train your dog to
prevent behavior problems or help you with unwanted behaviors.
I train a lot of rescue dogs, but love pure breeds too!

My philosophy is:  
There are not many 'bad' dogs, but good dogs that
have done something bad!
Many dogs, BOTH mixed and pure bred, are surrendered to animal shelters or
rescue groups every day because
of 'bad' behavior.  I believe that obedience training can help pet parents and
their beloved pet correct
these issues so the dog can stay
in its forever home.

-- Debbie Gaylor
Animal Behavior College
Certified Dog Trainer
Mikey -- Rescued from
the shelter at 3 months
an hour  before his
scheduled euthanasia.
Check for
your next family pet!